What is 3B/3C-4A/ 4B-4C?

These numbers and letters represent your hair type. 3B hair is usually in the shape of an elongated S-Curl. 3C hair is usually tightly curled with volume, and can be kinky and densely packed together. Its curls are usually very defined, but fine in texture. 4A hair is thicker, yet tightly coiled in an “S” pattern. 4B hair tends to have more of a “Z’ pattern, but it is also tightly coiled. It emulates a cotton-like feel and tends to be very densely packed together. 4C hair is the kinkiest of all tresses as it is very tightly coiled and thick.

What’s Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair is 100% natural and not under processing which may cause any damage to the cuticle. Our hair runs in one direction so its natural looking and avoids tangling. Our virgin ( human hair) is soft, natural looking and long-life used. We trust that our hair will satisfy you.

What does Density refer to?

Density refers to how thin or thick your hair is. The standard and common choice is 120% with medium density

How many grams per bundle?

Each Bundle weighs 100g each.

How to measure the length?

The hair length should be measured from the hair root to the hair tip. From the top of the head to the bottom of the hair for straight hair.

The curly and wavy hair is steam processed from straight hair, so it’s the same length if stretched .

Will the glues and tapes cause damage to my skin?

We suggest that you do a skin test before use of the glue, If you have sensitive skin. Most people are all right with the glues and tapes.

However, if you have sensitive skin, we advise you to start with the Spirit Gum or Hollisters Medical Adhesive.

Is the wig supplied with glue and other accessories?

No. The wig is not supplied with any other accessories, only user instructions in the package.

What kind of glue can I use if I’m with sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin, we advise you to start from the Spirit Gum or Hollisters Medical Adhesive, which can be bought on the internet.

We suggest you to do a skin test before use if you are with sensitive skin.

Can I wear this wig if my head is full of hair?

Yes, you can also wear the hair after braiding your own hair in small cornrows in beehive design or straight back.

Can I wear this wig if my head is without hair?

Yes. These wigs are a perfect choice for women with hair loss caused by cancer, alopecia and so on. Many women will renew their confidence when wearing Natural Nubian Tresses.

Can I do hot curling or flat ironing on the wavy or curly hairs?

It is not recommended to hot curl or flat iron the wavy & curly hair again to avoid any over processing. For kinky straight, you can use hot curling, wand curl or flat iron it.

Can I use blow dryer to dry my hair after washing?

We do recommend that you let your hair dry naturally, since blow drying / heat may cause damage to your hair extensions.

What is a weft?

A weft is strands of hair that has been sewn on by machine or hand-tied along one edge to create a line of hair. The hand-tied hair is a much smaller and thinner weft than the machine weft. Hand-tied hair is also more secure because the weft has been individually made by hand, which means less shedding. Also, since the weft is less bulky it makes it flatter and less visible to give a more natural look.

Why Wear Hair Extensions?

There are many reasons why people wear hair extensions. It may be that you can only grow short hair and wish for longer hair. This has often been common with people with TWA (tiny weenie afro) but many more people are wearing hair extensions to either give them a new look, or some diversity with styling. Hair extensions are also worn by people who have lost hair because of a medical condition or
premature baldness.

Can I swim with hair extensions?

Yes, with many hair extensions you can, you should wear a swimming cap though as chlorine and salt water can dry hair out, but as long as you wash the hair thoroughly with moisturizing shampoo and a non sulfur conditioner after swimming it shouldn’t hurt too much.

Can hair extensions damage my own hair?

No, not as long as it is done properly by a professional and the hair is properly cared for afterwards.

Can I re-use extension hair?

Some hair extensions can be reused but it often depends on how the hair is taken care of, some high quality hair extensions may be re-
used if only the hair care instructions are followed.

How can I avoid my hair from shedding?

Here are some helpful tips on prevention of shedding hair.
It is normal for light shedding, but if the hair shedding on your Natural Nubian Tresses is more than our natural hair, this is abnormal.

Be sure NOT TO apply any products including alcohol onto the hair of your wefts, wig, & clip- ins such as certain type of hair spray,
because these improper products will lead to damage of the hair.

You may braid up the hair of your Natural Nubian Tresses or tie it in a ponytail before going to sleep to avoid any tangles. It’s better to use a satin scarf on your head or a hair bonnet when sleeping, which will reduce breakage and shedding of the hair.

Remember that chlorine and salt water may cause damage to the Natural Nubian Tresses, so you need to wear a swim cap during
swimming or wash the hair after swimming to avoid chlorine and salt water residue.

** For Natural Nubian Wigs Only: After washing, use TDi Knot & Tape Tab Sealer to seal the knots on the inside of your lace wig cap again in order to firm the knots on each hair tile for protection from shedding.

What is the NNT Affiliate Program?

The Natural Nubian Tresses Affiliate program is a program when you refer a customer to our website and the customer uses a special code to make a purchase given by you, then you get a commission off of the sales. Fill out the Affiliate Program Application for approval.

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